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Dépanneur 01-Jun-2022
Télécom ICT & Télécommunications
Chargé de projets - Flotte utilitaire Télécom ICT & Télécommunications
Cloud System Analyst
Cloud System Analyst 17-Jun-2022
Télécom ICT & Télécommunications
IT Technical Specialist Télécom ICT & Télécommunications
Telecom Project Coordinator (ICT - Connectivity) Télécom ICT & Télécommunications
Sales B2B
Sales B2B 28-Jun-2022
Télécom ICT & Télécommunications
DevOps Engineering Expert Télécom ICT & Télécommunications
Apprenti Conseiller Commercial Télécom ICT & Télécommunications
Administrateur Système & Réseau Télécom ICT & Télécommunications
  • Postal roles

    (Distribution, sorting, logistics,…)

    Our postmen deliver letters and parcels across Luxembourg. Our postal services also oversee a large network of points of sale, and distribute the Luxembourg daily papers. Are you ready to take on a new challenge? We’ve got our hands full of mail so come and join us! 


  • Sales roles

    (Call Center, sales counter, B2B,…)

    Do you enjoy interacting with customers and being on the front line? Look no further! Benefit from the biggest sales network in the country with POST Telecom Shops, Espaces POST, Post Offices and the Call Center. Our sales teams ensure POST quality service and are the first point of contact for our customers. Their work is crucial to providing a positive customer experience. Just keep one thing in mind: customer first! 




  • Telecommunications roles

    (Technician, Engineer, ICT,…)

    Are you into technologies? Always on the lookout for the latest trends? Are you keen to learn on new skills? Well that’s perfect! The leading telecom operator in the country is looking for talent. We need highly motivated people focused on innovation to respond to the market swiftly. 

  • Support roles

    (Marketing, Communication, Legal, IT, HR, …)

    Are you looking for a challenging job? POST can offer an array of different roles!  

    There are so many possibilities: Marketing & Communications, Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Purchasing… Join us and collaborate in a number of large-scale projects in a truly dynamic environment.